Bimetal Dial Thermometer


The locally displaying standard thermometers work according to the principle of a bimetal coil. The measuring principle is based on the fact that the bimetal coil is exposed to the medium temperature in a stainless steel or brass protection tube. The coil rotates as the temperature increases or falls. The rotation acts directly on the indicator via an axis. The indicator deflection is therefore proportional to the change of temperature.

Technical data

Case                   : Case and bezel made of galvanized steel sheet; bracket made of aluminum (design type 18)

Protection type : IP 51 according to DIN EN 60529

Front pane        : Glass

Scale                  : Polished aluminum, with black lettering

Time constant   : Approx. 30 s, measured in flowing water with a probe Ø of 10 mm made of stainless steel

Limit value temperatures :  -30 to +80°C (storage and transport -30 to +80°C)

Price                   :  Rp750.000

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