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Painting Line

The Painting Unit is designed to provide custom service in line with specific requirements. Each and every plan is calculated to guarantee optimal utilization of manpower, space and time, as well as efficient use of energy, in order to achieve the highest quality painting possible.

The painting services offered cover the preparation process, pretreatment, drying, and cooking. Beside all of this, industrial support equipment is provided, including water treatment systems, waste water treatment systems, dust collectors, air supply units, material handling equipments, control and safety systems, incinerators, etc.


PT. Arianto Darmawan has been working on the manufacturing of various kinds of dryer since it was established. The production line includes wood dryer, cloves dryer, cocoa dryer, tapioca dryer, curing oven, baking oven, match dryer, heat setting, drum dryer for textile processing, etc. The drying system is supported by advanced technology and decades of experience that make the products reliable.

Air Handling Units

Air Handling Unit is one of various kinds of products manufactured by PT. Arianto Darmawan. The production line includes blowers, humidifiers, exhaust systems, dust collectors, etc. All products are designed using the latest technology and finest quality materials based on careful calculation of all technical and reliability factors.

Water Treatment Plants

Darmawan has decades of experience with handling water and industrial waste processing through the provision of processing units, including complete installation systems capable of accommodating all kinds of raw water conditions and meeting the specific needs of every industry.

We offer the following Water Treatment Units:

  • Clariflocculator: a water treatment and sedimentation system
  • Sand Filter: a water filter processing unit
  • Carbon Filter is used to eliminate odor, taste, colour, and organic materials
  • Water Softener isi used to treat water hardness (Ca & Mg)
  • Demineralizer
  • Reverse Osmosis System


Darmawan produces an efficient, energy saving, and pollution free waste gasification incinerator system. Our incinerators are smoke free, easy to install and operate, and suitable for a wide range of wastes dry and wet, including wooden, rubber, plastics, medical, and other synthetic wastes.

Each and every incinerator unit is produced on the basis oh thorough research and development and long years of experience to ensure that they meet all practical requirements efficiently and effectively without polluting the environment. All incinerators are produced of the best quality materials and are carefully tested.