Ion Exchange Resins

Ion exchange is the reversible interchange of ions between a solid (ion exchange material) and a liquid in which there is no permanent change in the structure of the solid. It is a very powerful technology to remove impurities from water and other solutions.


As an exclusive reseller of DuPont Water Solutions in Indonesia, DARMAWAN provides DuPont’s highest-quality resin, designed for use in industrial demineralization and softening applications when high operating performance, long resin life, simplified and cost-effective operation is required.

  • IRC 120 Na
  • IRA 402 Cl
  • FCP 14 Na
  • FPA 42 Cl
  • HPR1100 Na
  • HPR4800 Cl
  • HPR1200 Na / H
  • HPR 4200 Cl
  • HPR550 OH
  • HPR650 H
  • HPR 9700
  • IRN 150

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