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Innovative tribological solutions are Klüber Lubrication's passion. Benefit from our expert consulting, our forward-looking developments and a comprehensive range of speciality lubricants.


Cement industry

Tough conditions in building material production

High temperatures, continuous operation, loads by the ton and cement dust make for tough operating conditions in cement production. Speciality lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication are used for many machines and systems in this industrial sector.

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Food industry

More than food safety

Lubricants for the food and beverage industries must be safe for the consumer while extending the lifetime of your components.

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Textile industry

Reliable lubrication and simplified logistics

With complex production processes and many different types of machines manufacturers need lubricants which ensure continual production and at the same time help keep logistics costs as low as possible. And this is exactly what our lubricants offer you

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Maritime and offshore industry

Special lubricants for extreme conditions at sea

Reliable equipment operation at sea is extremely important. At the same time, maritime conditions are extremely tough on ships and offshore equipment. By selecting the right lubricant, you will obtain long relubrication intervals and trouble-free operation.

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Air, gases and lubricant under pressure

High-performance compressor oils made by Klüber Lubrication ensure higher reliability and longer lifetime of reciprocating, screw or rotary vane compressors while extending oil change intervals and providing increased efficiency.

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