Biogas Burner

Dual-gas Burner and Simultaneous Fuel Firing

With the vision and dream to create a better environment for our next generation,              PT Arianto Darmawan now focuses on providing a wide variety of environmentally friendly products and services.

Motivated by this vision, we try to work hand in hand with the customers, suppliers, and employees to create new innovations which are crucial for the future of our Earth.

We step into the future while adapting well to the needs of a better, greener, and cleaner product for a brighter future.

DARMAWAN operates in collaboration with Germany-based Max Weishaupt GmbH, a leader in the international market for combustion and heating technology. Two different gas types (for example: biogas and natural gas) can be fed to burner through variably definable fuel lines. Simultaneous fuel firing can also be realised using one or more combustion managers. With biogas as an alternative source of energy, DARMAWAN supports renewable energy as an alternative source of energy, while at the same time providing fuel efficiency for our customers.

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