JUMO Manic

JUMO-manic pressure gauges are used for measuring pressures in liquid and gaseous media which are not highly viscous and do not crystallize out. The pressure in the medium to be measured acts directly on the Bourdon tube, the free end of which rotates the pointer by a mechanical linkage.

Technical data

  • Housing: Steel, painted black, with front flange or bayonet ring (only for types 410 and 411).
  • Window: 3 mm flat instrument glass for types 407, 408, and 409 or 4mm glass for types 410 and 411
  • Dial: white, black lettering to DIN 16109
  • Mechanism: Copper alloy
  • Measuring element: up to 40 bar, C-spring in CuSn8, soft-soldered from 60 bar, coil spring in stainless steel,  Mat.Ref. 1.4571, brazed.
  • Pressure connection: ½" pipe thread to DIN 16 288, in copper alloy.


Price: start from Rp500.000

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