Klüberoil NH1-4

Synthetic gear oils for the food-processing industry

Gear manufacturers and users today are faced with ever-increasing requirements: higher power density with the same or even smaller gear designs, longer gear running time, higher reliability and ever-higher energy efficiency are expected. High-performance lubricants with above-average performance capabilities help to keep wear low and increase the efficiency of your application.

Special solutions by Klüber Lubrication help you achieve the goals of higher revenue with increased food safety and an improved ecological footprint. Klüberoil NH1-4 oils are based on polyalphaolefin (PAO) which offer significantly higher efficiency than a standard gear oil based on mineral oil. They show good corrosion protection properties as well as good oxidation resistance, enabling much longer oil change intervals. The Klüberoil NH1 4 oil series can contribute to increased reliability of your production equipment and processes.

Our specialty food processing oil and lubricants provide optimum movement and power transmission, high efficiency, low wear and extended lubricant change intervals due to high ageing resistance which help you save energy costs, reducing environmental impact and your disposal costs. Our high quality lubricant are manufactured to achieve highest performance and they are used and recommended by the largest gear manufacturers.

Your benefits at a glance :

  • Oil change intervals are 3 times longer
  • Higher wear protection
  • Better cold start with the same nominal viscosity (ISO VG)
  • May not require oil coolers due to reduced temperatures
  • Reduced friction leads to lower energy costs


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